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Outsourcing of foreign economic activity.

AVS-Logistic offers a new service - foreign economic activity business process outsourcing (BPO).

Outsourcing is a strategic solution which enables a foreign company to create a larger customer relationship within the Russian market, to achieve economies of scale by delegating execution of ancillary business processes to external agent.

Our goal is to make business in Russia easy and comfortable for every supplier and customer.

The outsourcing agreement implies:

The reasons foreign companies may elect to outsource are avoidance of certain types of costs and difficulties, such as burdensome regulations, high taxes and unreasonable costs. Foreign economic activities BPO with AVS-Logistic delivers outstanding competitive advantage for our clients.

A foreign company gets access to the resources of the Russian market in framework of consumer and industrial goods supply, which is cost-effective and risk-free. All risks are taken by AVS-Logistic.

For more information and tariffs please contact our manager:

Svetlana Beteva
tel.: 8-800-770-7878 (ext. 6907)

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© 2011–2018 «AVS-Logistic»